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Empowering Teams to Achieve Total Performance

Powerful business performance begins with high-performing teams. At RHR International, we specialize in building effective teams that drive success and long-term results. A team that works collaboratively towards a common goal creates time and cost efficiencies and delivers superior outcomes, helping to close the gap between strategy and execution.

Our four-dimensional approach centers around optimizing key areas, including team dynamics, clear goals, alignment, and process refinement. By empowering teams to excel in these areas, our approach drives success and unlocks your team’s potential. With expertise, insight, and innovation, we tailor solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs and goals. Let us help you achieve greater success through the power of your team.

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Discover the Impact of RHR's Team Effectiveness Engagements

Enhanced Performance

Effective teams drive business innovation, efficiencies and maximize business performance

Greater Alignment

Greater alignment of organizational goals with those of your team and individuals to ensure direction and focus

Elevated Culture

A more positive, inclusive, dynamic and respectful team culture where team and individual values are aligned

Trust & Collaborartion

Deeper trust, psychological safety, and collaboration across the team 

Improved Leadership

Increased ability of the leader to lead a high-performing team

Refined Processes

Embedded processes that ensure stronger communication channels, knowledge sharing and conflict resolution

Powering High-Performance Teams for Over 70 Years

"RHR did a great job facilitating our offsite and getting to the core issues we are facing as leadership team."

"RHR consultants were exceptionally warm, professional, engaging and informative."

"RHR ’outed’ team dysfunction that desperately needed addressing."

"RHR created an environment of absolute trust. Approached the exercise with deep insights and high emotional intelligence."

The RHR Difference: Total Performance for High-Impact Teams

At RHR International, we prioritize working with team leaders to improve their team’s performance. Our approach centers around achieving total performance by challenging teams to excel in four key dimensions: What,  How, Who, and Why.


We use an extensive top-team database to benchmark critical components of team effectiveness, allowing for external benchmarking. To enable meaningful change and embed team accountability, we utilize short, structured, regular touchpoints recognizing that team effectiveness cannot be accomplished in one offsite. Our approach is a blend of virtual and in-person work, allowing for global reach with maximum impact.

Elevating Your Team's Success: RHR's Four-Dimensional Method
Our approach centers around optimizing total performance by addressing the four key dimensions of What, How, Who, and Why.
We help teams set clear and achievable goals, defining the path to success and tracking progress along the way
We refine and optimize processes, empowering teams to work efficiently and effectively towards their goals
We focus on team dynamics, ensuring that everyone is aligned and working towards a common goal
We align teams with a greater purpose, ensuring that their work has meaning and impact beyond just the bottom line
By addressing all four dimensions, our approach empowers teams to achieve total performance and reach new levels of success

A Tried and Tested Process

All of our team effectiveness programs are specifically tailored to align with the specific goals and needs of our clients, delivered within 3 distinct phases of discovery, development and delivery. Programs typically last 4-6 months.

1. Initial Assessement
Every team member undertakes a 30 minute survey to measure team alignment against the 4 key areas. Goals, Process, Dynamics, and Purpose
2. Team Benchmark
The team's scores are then measured against other teams based on a number of factors including employee engagement, revenue and profitability, and market share and innovation
3. 360 Review
We conduct an external review on the team's effectiveness (and leaders) based on feedback from selected individuals
4. Insight Sessions
Every member of the team receives a copy of the team report and team strengths and weaknesses :ed are highlighted. The team leader also receives a 2 hour feedback session
5. Development Workshops
The first focuses on the What and How. The second on the Who and the Why. Deliverables include an improvement plan for the team and leader
6. Action Plan
Improvement initiatives resulting from the workshops are then commenced. These can involve both individual and team actions depending on the identified needs
7. Team Check-ins
Periodical check-ins organized with individuals and teams as required over the following weeks and months to review progress and make adjustments where necessary

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