Insights on Managing Bias in Talent Management from Diversity Experts

In this webinar, our assessment and diversity, inclusion, and belonging experts share strategies for mitigating bias in talent management and discuss the importance of addressing bias at the individual and system levels. The video also provides resources on how to address bias.

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Key Takeaways

  • Bias exists in our talent management systems
  • Individual implicit bias acts at the micro level and systemic levels to create inequity
  • Organizational leaders must make an explicit commitment to combat bias and design talent processes with this as a guiding principle
  • Reducing bias in assessment and talent management requires a wholistic approach – from strategy to execution and monitoring results
  • Purpose is critical in talent management and determines organizational sustainability.
  • Inclusive assessments promote fairness in talent management.
  • Cultural belonging is essential, and individual experiences should be contextualized for belonging. Resources are available to address bias, and individuals should consider third-party partnerships’ impact.
  • There are a lot of simple actions businesses can take and resources they can tap into


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Cristina Jimenez, 
Senior Partner and Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
Cristina Jimenez is the Global Head of our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging practice and has been instrumental in the firm’s own cultural transformation. She is well-versed in creating a safe space for difficult and uncomfortable conversations that are vital in producing positive change.

Dan Russell
Partner, Head of Assessment
Dan Russell oversees our Assessment practice and our Products, Data & Insights Lab. Dan is exceptionally adept at identifying clients’ most pressing needs and creating value-enhancing, data-backed programs to help solve them.