About Us

For nearly 80 years, RHR International has been a globally respected leadership consulting firm comprised of behavioral scientists and practitioners dedicated to helping CEOs, board members, executives, business teams, and HR professionals master the art and science of leadership.
RHR’s solutions use the combined power of psychology, business expertise, and the newest technologies to solve complex leadership challenges through world-class assessments and coaching/development programs.

Our Mission

We Shape Leaders; Leaders Shape the World.
RHR’s mission is to unlock the potential in all leaders. We believe that leadership is a noble endeavor. Done well, it is a force for good in the world.
We recognize the profound impact effective leadership can have, not only within organizations, but also on a global scale. Our commitment extends beyond conventional consulting. We view leadership as a catalyst for change and strive to empower leaders with the tools and insights to make a positive difference in the world.

Our Values

Care–We act with respect and generosity toward each other and our clients. We embrace diversity, valuing everyone’s ideas and perspectives.
Impact–We engage our clients with conviction and courage, knowing we are successful only when our clients are.
Initiative–We expect as much of ourselves as we do of others as we reach insightful solutions to leadership challenges.
Learning We evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business world and continue to be valued counselors and thought leaders.

Our History

Originally named Rohrer, Hibler, and Replogle, RHR International was founded in 1945 by Drs. Perry Rohrer, Fran Hibler, Fred Replogle, Elliott Janney, and Charles Flory.
The company was the first to apply psychology to leadership, and the founders used their deep knowledge of human behavior to improve leader effectiveness and organizational performance.
As RHR has evolved, we have expanded our leadership solutions, global presence, and reputation as insightful thinkers about leadership in complex environments, succession planning, and the future of work.
Employing our proven methodology for CEO succession, RHR recently moved into the future by appointing Jessica Bigazzi Foster as chief executive officer.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Belonging

We strive to create a workplace that thrives on authenticity, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence.
We firmly believe in the intrinsic worth of every individual and their potential to have extraordinary impact.
We encourage global and cultural fluency, recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives in fostering innovation.

Our Clients

RHR has been chosen by the world’s largest, most innovative, and most respected organizations to help them build their leadership pipelines, capabilities, and performance. Our clients span industry sectors and range in size from Fortune 100 companies to Silicon Valley start-ups and other privately held companies.

Let’s Talk

Should you wish to explore the leadership solutions offered by RHR International, please don’t hesitate to contact Robert, David or Kelli for more information.

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