Making the Right Leadership Talent Decisions​

At RHR, we believe in reshaping talent conversations, challenging assumptions, and empowering leaders to serve as stewards of their talent. We inspire the next generation to accelerate their growth and foster environments that bring out the best in all people. We have assessed over 10,000 leaders around the world and across multiple industries and are uniquely qualified to help your organization enhance its leadership bench.


Leadership assessment is critical to making hiring and succession decisions correctly the first time. Assessment data also provides a powerful springboard for impactful executive development. Our data-driven assessments use world-class analytics and behavioral science to provide you with the confidence to make the right executive talent decisions for your business.

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Our Leadership Assessment Programs

The Winning Formula®

Ideal to ensure the suitability of candidates for your most senior roles, including CEO. The assessment is customized to reflect the role requirements and organizational context.

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Readiness for ScaleSM Series

Ideal for assessing and developing your current and future leadership pipeline.  Configurable options to fit your needs, including benchmarking against our global leadership database.
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Assessment Solutions

The Importance of Data

Why Work with RHR

Our Experience

Our Guiding Principles

Responsible use of assessment data requires thoughtful planning and education. Building a relevant, fair, and impactful assessment process that minimizes bias and contributes to company performance requires rigorous design and execution.
It’s our responsibility to create the conditions for every participant to bring their best and full self. Our well-built assessments are designed for fairness and augmenting your internal insights rather than replacing them. We consider the whole person, understanding that leaders are more than just a single rating.
We understand that context matters; therefore, comprehending the client’s business is essential to us. Critical to our strategy is the seamless integration of data into your talent processes. We ensure that data is not only collected but also leveraged effectively to inform decision-making and drive progress. Moreover, we view assessments not merely as evaluative tools but as catalysts for development. By harnessing their insights, we empower individuals and organizations alike to identify strengths, address weaknesses, and continually strive for growth.
Our Tools and Process
  • Instrument selection
  • Participant experience
  • Report calibration and standardization
Our Team
  • Credentialed and independent
  • Rigorously selected and trained
  • Quality reviewed
  • Client feedback sought
Our Measurement
  • Relevant prediction
  • Global consistency
  • People analytics partnership
  • Longitudinal measurement

Why Scalability Matters Most

As you work to build a robust leadership pipeline for your organization, which should you value more – high potential or the ability to lead at scale?
We go with scale and explain why in our new thought piece, “The Case for Scalability.”

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To learn more about how RHR’s Assessment solution can elevate your talent strategy and drive organizational success, reach out to Robert Abramo.

Robert Abramo

Head of Client Relationships
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The Winning Formula®

The Winning Formula® assessment offering is for your most business-critical roles. When the questions you’re answering encompass a high degree of situational specificity, we partner with you to develop The Winning Formula® profile for success in that role.
This custom-created set of critical expectations and behavioral practices clarifies the success criteria for a leader within a specific role or context. We then assess leaders for fit to The Winning Formula® profile to help you make better-informed selection, promotion, or development decisions for your business.

The Readiness for ScaleSM Series

The Readiness for Scale (RFS) assessment series offers three configurable solutions to address various leadership needs:

RFSexecutiveSM: Ideal for identifying development areas for current senior leaders and assessing the readiness of internal or external candidates for critical executive roles using our RFS model and your custom dimensions.

RFSpipeline®: Ideal for the selection or development of future senior leaders and for identifying individual and organizational development needs using our RFS model

RFSinsightsSM: Ideal for scanning your deep bench to identify and develop future leaders using algorithmically generated insights

Readiness for ScaleSM Leadership Model

Our Readiness for ScaleSM (RFS) leadership model was designed to support companies’ need to identify and develop the leaders they will need to sustain and grow their businesses.
We benchmark your talent against our proprietary database of over 4,000 global leaders across a myriad of organizations and industries to help you:
  • Understand how your talent stacks up against our database

  • Make crucial hiring or succession decisions

  • Know where to invest limited resources to address critical leadership gaps

  • Support your leaders’ development and growth

Understanding Your Talent​

We help you make better-informed decisions when placing talent into mission-critical roles and maximize your investments in leadership development by prioritizing those individuals with the greatest potential for scalability.

Our research shows that more scalable leaders are:

  • More likely to advance to more senior positions

  • Seen as highly effective or exceptional leaders

  • Better connected within their industry

Learn more about how RHR can help you:

  • Select and onboard executives into your most business-critical C-suite roles

  • Identify and develop the leaders your business needs today and for the future

  • Support your company’s succession planning and leadership development programs

Let’s talk

To learn more about how RHR’s assessment solution can elevate your talent strategy and drive organizational success, reach out to Robert Abramo.

Robert Abramo

Head of Client Relationships
+1 215 237 8620