David Langdon

David Langdon

David Langdon is a partner at RHR International, delivering over 20 years experience in the leadership consulting space

Dr. David Langdon is a partner at RHR International, delivering over 20 years experience in the leadership consulting space. Having experienced a wide range of leadership roles throughout his career before transitioning to consulting, David is highly adept with preparing leaders for the C-suite.

Establishing long-term relationships with both individual leaders and boards of directors, David is well-known for his trusted advice and guidance. He often initiates these relationships with expert assessment, helping organizations to take a broad view of their pipeline and achieve future-oriented results. This also helps craft important dialogue about the leaders, the company structure, and the company culture. David brings new perspectives to the table and works across a range of sectors, including automotive, aviation, banking, engineering, the UK central government, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and television production.

Helping companies adapt to disruptive and rapidly-changing market forces, David is often the guiding hand during times of organizational change. His focus is on moving forward and adapting and growing with success. Furthermore, he helps clients to make the difficult decisions that come with change, and ensures that those are objective — not subjective. His work is often international, which enables him to enjoy working across cultures and develop fluency with different cultural leadership styles.

David feels privileged to spend time with executives and to make a real impact on the way they lead. He brings an open-minded and egalitarian approach to his work, which he encourages in the leaders he coaches, too, as he believes that the most powerful leadership comes from a place of authenticity.

Prior to joining RHR, David had an incredibly varied career, applying his psychological insight first to being a detective in the UK police force, and then working in change management and leadership development, based in London. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology from the Open University in the United Kingdom and a Master’s degree in occupational psychology from City University in London. He achieved Chartership (professional) status with the British Psychological Society (BPS) in 1998. In 2011, David was elected as an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS) in recognition of his work in the field of business psychology.

Outside of work, he can often be found carrying out pro bono consultancy with charities and within local politics. David enjoys keeping fit and getting out to the great outdoors, whether that’s kayaking, walking his dog, or working out. He and his wife will often choose an area of the country to visit and conduct a deep-dive historical exploration of, always emerging more informed than before. The call of history, for David, is the evolving backdrop of human nature over time. In many cases, not much has changed!