Giseli Mondini is a project coordinator at RHR International, where she is responsible for managing and organizing various high-impact projects across a wide range of practice areas in the firm. With a bachelor’s degree in business psychology from the University of London and a degree in business administration and management from London South Bank University, Giseli is known as a trustworthy and reliable person who is always motivated by the challenge of a tight deadline or complex project.

Supporting multiple RHR consultants and projects, Giseli’s dedicated impact creates efficiency across all aspects of consultant scheduling, travel, and project management. In particular, she has provided vital support in managing the office for the London team, enabling RHR’s core work to be carried out. A key element of this role was a large-scale office move, which Giseli helped run with her signature keen eye for detail. When the logistics of working from home became of central importance, she helped make that shift for each member of the team.

Coming to RHR from a background in both office management and as a personal assistant to executive leaders in a hedge fund, Giseli was able to bring vital skills to the team. With more than a decade of international experience in the executive-support space, she adapted quickly to the complicated elements of organizing consistent processes across multiple time zones.

Motivated by the challenge of running large-scale projects, Giseli is known for achieving outstanding results under very tight deadlines. She enjoys the international aspect of her role, working across the globe and being in contact with a broad range of people. Taking a mentor role and passing key learnings and insights on to colleagues is a central part of this. Always professional and personable, Giseli is also authentic, trustworthy, and reliable. She goes the extra mile to support and help those who need it, whether they are team members or clients. This attitude is reflected both in Giseli’s personal and professional lives, as she can always be relied upon as a helpful, optimistic, and fundamentally caring person.

Outside of the workplace, Giseli enjoys cooking and hosting meals for family and friends. Giseli uses her language skills to volunteer as an English/Portuguese interpreter for her local Brazilian community. Recently, she started an Instagram page that has fast become a hit to help small local entrepreneurs and businesses get their products and services discovered within the Brazilian community in London.