Hanna Schweder

Copy Editor
Hanna Schweder

Hanna Schweder Hanna Schweder is a copy editor on RHR International’s Content Team.

Hanna Schweder is a copy editor on RHR International’s Content Team. Applying a razor-sharp eye for detail and a keen sense of grammatical accuracy, Hanna ensures RHR’s consultant reports communicate with the clarity, brevity, and consistency required to produce outstanding outcomes.

As a former journalist and features editor, Hanna possesses an unrivaled command of the written word — as well as an inherent curiosity about what makes people tick. These key characteristics enable her to thrive in her position at RHR, where she leverages her writing skills to empower consultants to communicate psychological and behavioral concepts with both accuracy and flair. Hanna enjoys working with the tight-knit content team and constantly learning from her team of fellow editors, workshopping ideas and to further her skills as a professional.

Fostering diversity and inclusion both in and outside of the workplace is also paramount to Hanna’s passion and motivation. As a result, she applies a critical D&I lens to every aspect of her role at RHR, scanning all reports to ensure they possess language that is inclusive towards and resonant with people across diverse cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. In addition to her fervor for D&I work, Hanna prides herself in being able to leverage her skill set to truly impact leadership at the highest level, creating not only a positive difference for leaders, but for their employees and, ultimately, their entire organization.

Hanna graduated from Rockford University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in art history. When she isn’t working, she can typically be found reading Stephen King novels or browsing through stacks of Vogue Magazine. She also enjoys perusing the streets of SoHo and New York City, as well as visiting her family and riding ATVs through Wisconsin.