Melissa Theron is a project coordinator for RHR International. In the 18-plus years she has been with the company, she has developed the refined skillset required to manage the consistent coordination of both the company’s CEO and chair.

Melissa applies her keen eye for detail and considerable expertise to all aspects of logistics for executive team meetings in the company. This work ranges from scheduling to project planning and more. Beyond this, she also manages the company’s large events such as board meetings, town halls, and conferences. From the on-the-ground logistics of people management to project management of the overall timeline of events, Melissa can be relied upon to deliver excellent results.

In particular, Melissa is known for her skills in arranging RHR’s international staff meetings, a task she first undertook in 2010. This meeting gathers all RHR team members from around the world in one place to celebrate the company’s success and recognize individuals for their hard work. The level of planning and detail required in order to organize this is incredibly high, and Melissa manages the procedure with great success.

Motivated by helping others, Melissa enjoys empowering her colleagues and clients to achieve their full potential. Her work has high impact on a broad range of areas across the firm, and she approaches this responsibility with honesty and integrity. She believes in giving her all to everything she does.

Prior to joining RHR, Melissa worked in the reinsurance field as a senior underwriting assistant for 12 years. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband (her high school sweetheart) and three children (two sons and one daughter), reading anything by James Patterson, and watching a good thriller (she’s a huge fan of The First 48). An avid crafter, Melissa enjoys taking on a wide range of creative projects, including creating wreaths and quilts, embroidery, and, most recently, designing clothes. A former Girl Scout troop leader, Melissa is now a dedicated parent volunteer with her daughter’s troop and serves on various committees at her church.