Orla Leonard

Senior Partner, Head of Team Effectiveness


Orla Leonard is a senior partner in RHR International’s London office and the head of our Team Effectiveness practice. She is known as an energetic, creative, and solutions-focused leader as well as a highly effective executive coach. The market-leading outcomes fostered by the Team Effectiveness practice are a result of Orla spearheading an enhanced new model and the option to deliver training virtually. Orla’s signature approach is grounded in her motivation to empower leaders and teams to achieve their full potential. Orla also has an impressive track record assessing, coaching, and mobilizing private equity portfolio companies to achieve success in an accelerated time frame. In her executive coaching work, Orla is a leading corporate psychologist, assessing executives and understanding trends in data to facilitate meaningful change. She creates strong, long-term partnerships, delivering a positive impact and empowering her clients to learn and grow.

Prior to joining RHR, Orla worked as a principal psychologist and practice-area manager for team development with the UK-based company Sigma. Notably, she has conducted in-depth research and designed psychometric instruments to identify innovation potential in individuals. She is a verified assessor with the British Psychological Society and is an accredited trainer and faculty member of the Association for Psychological Type.

When she isn’t working, Orla can be found spending time with her husband and two daughters. She is a dedicated runner and an involved member of her book group, reflecting her curiosity and desire to learn along with her ability to constantly push for higher levels of performance.

Focus Areas

  • Team effectiveness
  • Executive coaching 
  • Women in leadership

Special Skills

  • Verified assessor, British Psychological Society 
  • Accredited trainer and faculty member, Association for Psychological Type 
  • Psychometric instruments design


  • University College Dublin 
  • Queen’s University Belfast

Leadership philosophy
I am motivated to empower leaders and teams to achieve their full potential and create meaningful change.

Running and reading (not at the same time!)