Simon Callow

Head of International, Senior Partner and Region Lead—Europe
Simon Callow

Simon Callow is a senior partner at RHR International, managing the firm’s international operations with affiliates in Europe and Asia.

Simon Callow is a senior partner at RHR International, managing the firm’s international operations with affiliates in Europe and Asia. A true global citizen, Simon leverages his broad expertise in working internationally to ensure that RHR provides cutting-edge, multicultural solutions. On the client side, he works extensively with CEOs and their executive leadership teams as an advisor and executive coach. He has led several large-scale, global human-capital due-diligence projects, successfully helping to identify and develop leadership talent and drive successful integration into the business.

Simon is passionate about people’s potential to develop and grow, and he works to create a real, meaningful impact across three levels: people, team, and organization. Helping senior executives to develop through individual coaching, he excels at understanding how to be successful at senior levels and provides support and guidance to develop them accordingly. Simon works with executive teams, helping them achieve high performance through embedding consistent and regular processes and team development. Working across a broad range of industries, Simon also helps conceptualize and develop high-impact interventions to identify and build leadership talent and drive a strong succession pipeline. Furthermore, Simon is a trusted advisor during transformations and mergers. His work helps merging companies decide how to mesh together their complementary characteristics in the most effective way at scale.

Internally, Simon’s efforts expand the market across the region and support the development of his team. He aligns consultants and uses his cultural fluency to ensure that any solution created is truly multicultural. Above all, Simon values inclusivity and equality, and he is proud that the result of his work challenges beliefs and creates a safe space for people to grow authentically.

Prior to joining RHR International, Simon was managing director of the Northern European region of a large global consulting firm, where he provided senior executive assessment and development services to clients. He was also an adjunct facilitator for the Centre for Creative Leadership after starting his career working in marketing. Simon has spent many years designing and delivering senior assessment and development centers and has worked with CEOs, managing directors, and executive boards to identify and make pivotal talent decisions. He is a chartered occupational psychologist and has also worked in the nonprofit sector for UNICEF.

Outside of work, Simon is a keen gardener who enjoys growing organic vegetables. When he’s not in his garden, he can be found cycling, swimming, and spending time outdoors.