Succession Insights

Intelligent analytics have the power to inform succession planning by giving accurate, clear, and comprehensive views of your talent.
Discover advanced analytics with our Succession InsightsSM platform, which synthesizes your internal data, alongside RHR’s analytics, and compiles it for real-time planning and decision-making.
Take a Closer Look
Learn how RHR is using succession science to advance the leaders of tomorrow.
Individual Insights
An integrated profile brings together all the relevant data around a leader’s track record, skillsets, capabilities, aspirations, and more. With a single view on a leader, succession conversations are more robust and objective. In addition, advanced search analytics allow for creative sourcing of internal talent.
Role Insights
In order to help with succession decisions, the role function offers a dynamic view of the succession plans for your critical roles. Users can explore current plans, make dynamic changes, and track scenarios and action plans.
Group Insights

The group view enables users to examine and aggregate themes, explore common strengths and opportunities, and compare across groups. Advanced diversity, inclusion, and belonging insights help users identify opportunities to develop and advance their underrepresented talent.

Reach out to learn more about Succession InsightsSM
Reach out to learn more about Succession InsightsSM