Strengthen Your Pipeline of Scalable Leaders

May 1, 2024
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Building a robust pipeline of scalable leaders is critical to the success of your business. But despite the importance of building this pipeline, most leadership development programs have questionable impact.

Since RHR launched its Leading at Scale program in 2018, thousands of leaders have completed the program. We’re proud to report our outcome data shows our participants make meaningful progress against development goals while accelerating their readiness for roles of greater scope and complexity.

Dig deep into the numbers by downloading our new white paper, Strengthen Your Pipeline of Scalable Leaders. You can also learn from our latest blog post, Mastering the Art of Influencing at Scale. If you’re ready to strengthen your leadership pipeline, reach out to RHR’s Robert Abramo.

Michael Peterman is a senior partner at RHR and the head of development for Executive Bench. He builds next-generation leadership solutions, each of which is grounded in science and research.