Learn six crucial leadership imperatives

October 31, 2023
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The world is in turmoil. Cascading, interconnected challenges facing leaders are as daunting as they’ve ever been. Yet they present spectacular opportunities to use our collective wisdom and determination to develop solutions that will enable everyone to thrive.

We think you’ll agree that, more than ever before, the world needs outstanding leaders. And there is no better way to understand the future of leadership than to listen to the people who have been creating that future for decades. The Leadership We Need Now is a unique opportunity to learn from an impressive array of brilliant leaders such as Sanjiv Ahuja, Chair and CEO of Tillman Global Holdings; Carol Tomé, CEO of UPS; and Mark Pearson, CEO and president of Equitable, and from RHR’s extensive experience in leadership assessment and development.

“Leaders must engage with the head and heart.”

RHR is proud that 17 of the world’s most successful and best-known businesspeople leading preeminent organizations are contributors to our new book, The Leadership We Need Now. As we wrote it, we asked these leaders to provide their insights about the critical qualities leaders must develop to meet the challenges of our time. It’s a compelling read that provides a rarely opened window into great leaders’ hearts and minds and reveals the six key imperatives for all those who aspire to a leadership role. Finally, the book offers a useful roadmap that can help readers see where they should put their leadership focus and what leadership skills are most valuable now.

RHR is a leadership consulting firm, composed of behavioral scientists and practitioners, dedicated to helping executives, teams, and next-generation leaders master the art and science of leadership. We specialize in executive assessment, coaching and development, Board and CEO services, team effectiveness, and diversity, inclusion, and belonging. At RHR, we believe leadership is a noble endeavor. Done well, it is a force for good in the world. Our mission is to unlock the potential in all leaders. We shape leaders; leaders shape the world.