Navigating Global Conflict within the Workplace

November 9, 2023
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“In times of global conflict, organizations grapple with a crucial question: How should we respond? The intricacies of our interconnected world have elevated this issue to a level that leaders can no longer afford to overlook. A poorly executed response can inflict lasting damage on an employer’s reputation, whereas a well-handled one can reinforce trust and foster unity. It is during these challenging moments that CEOs and leaders must embrace vulnerability, recognize their capacity to make errors, and align their actions with the organization’s core values while demonstrating empathy toward those they lead.”

RHR International President Jessica Bigazzi Foster addressed the current global unrest and the ramifications for leadership in an opinion piece titled Navigating Global Conflict Response: The Imperative of Vulnerable Leadership and Values-Driven Response, published October 20, 2023, in the International Business Times.

Foster writes that by acknowledging and addressing the impact of geopolitical events, CEOs can connect with their teams on a human level. She suggests that although communication mistakes can occur, it’s important that leaders not stay silent. By anchoring their response in their core values, leaders can ensure their actions are consistent with the company’s purpose and beliefs. Finally, leaders must remember that each employee responds differently to difficult world news. In times like these, leaders have an opportunity to reinforce what matters most and demonstrate their commitment to all the people they lead.

Read the complete point of view here.

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