Alison du Toit is a project coordinator at RHR International. Her work enables the successful completion of global projects for a range of clients across industries for RHR. Alison’s refined logistical skillset empowers her to excel when managing the implementation of project plans for senior executive assessment and development work.

Alison works internationally across Canada, the US and the UK. Project management requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to work well with both clients and RHR colleagues. Alison achieves this reliably and can always be trusted to add further value by tracking, planning, and bridging gaps in information. She is well known for her comprehensive spreadsheets and her expertise around creating order and process where it is most crucially needed. Applying this consistently, Alison helps coordinate large numbers of assessments and ensures that key results are achieved within the full scope of the client project.

Valuing commitment and initiative, Alison is highly perceptive and often takes the time to look for new ways to create documentation of processes so that they can be adopted by everyone. Her diverse background has enabled her to build project planning and organization skills across various industries. She started her career in textile design, before working in hospitality, first as a restaurant manager and then as a bar manager. Pediatric healthcare was Alison’s next career move, and she then pivoted to project management for leadership consulting, recognizing that this enabled her to utilize all her varied experience for one common goal, empowering leadership around the world every day.

Passionate about music, Alison is a talented musician and she spends her free time playing the fiddle. She loves the outdoors and can often be found cycling, traveling, and hiking.