Bethany Christo is a copy editor on RHR International’s content team. With a ruthless determination to hunt down every misplaced modifier, add clarifying serial commas and hyphens, update language to be more inclusive, and format and brand reports in RHR’s house style, she ensures every deliverable gets her grammatical stamp of approval before it’s seen by the client. 

Bethany excels in her attention to detail and breadth of grammatical knowledge, syntax rules, and vocabulary—necessary tools for any copy editor worth their salt. But in addition to catching the minutiae, she reads each report using a macro lens to comb for repetition, confusing or potentially isolating language, clarity, conciseness, and word choice. Although she recognizes that perfection is a futile temptress, Bethany aims to ensure each report leaves her hands clearer and cleaner than she received it. 

Within RHR, Bethany works alongside the other talented copy editors who comprise the content team, and she’s delighted to be able to learn new things every day from her competent colleagues who share a kindred obsession with all things words. 

Prior to joining RHR in July 2019, Bethany worked for five years as an editor at a regional food-and-drink magazine based in St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from the University of Missouri’s venerated journalism school with an emphasis in magazine publishing and with minors in psychology and business, and these areas of focus have been useful for the leadership consulting industry in which RHR excels. In addition to her editor duties at the magazine, Bethany was a freelance feature writer of human interest and lifestyle stories published in local outlets—a gig she continues in her free time today that serves as a creative channel for her inherent curiosity and overflowing cache of puns.

Outside the hypothetical office walls, Bethany is a massive reader (no surprise there) if she’s not working on her freelance stories. When she’s not staring at lines of text in some form or another, you’ll find her exploring the scenic hikes and hills of the greater Denver area, as well as on a patio drinking a local brew. In the warmer months, she keeps busy cultivating her garden of vegetables, fruits, and florals—which often feels like a full-time babysitting gig.