Cara Henry is a project coordinator at RHR International. Equal parts analytical and creative, she serves as a vital support to consultants, clients, and RHR’s Hypergrowth team, applying her organizational and management skills to responsibilities that include data management, project facilitation, and product development.

Though she wears multiple hats, Cara commands her work with sharp and detail-oriented organizational abilities. Supporting both consultants and clients, Cara is diligent in her project management through concept ideation, development, and implementation. She has a firm grasp on deadlines and deliverables, ultimately ensuring the smooth and successful execution of projects both large and small. In addition to her hard skills, Cara is sought after for her strong communication abilities, creative energy, and calming presence; even in the face of stress, Cara is always known to be a sound voice of reason.

On the Hypergrowth team, Cara is able to flex her creative muscles by contributing to brainstorming sessions, marketing pitch decks, and product development. Prior to stepping in to contribute to Hypergrowth, Cara served as RHR’s support team manager for two years, fine-tuning her leadership and managerial skills.

At work, Cara’s guiding principles align with RHR’s company values. Kindness, empathy, and continuous learning are extremely valuable to her, and she’s excited to be able to collaborate with leaders who are shaping the world.

Before joining RHR, Cara worked as a recruiter at Franklin Square Capital Partners. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in business and English from The Pennsylvania State University. When she’s not working, you can find her hiking, practicing yoga, reading, going to concerts, or experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes.