Daniel Riding is an associate with RHR International, where he does leadership assessment and development as part of the firm’s Scaled Consulting team. His work includes offering insights and advice to help individuals build on their strengths and shore up areas that may be holding them back in their careers.

Daniel relishes the opportunities he has to get to know a wide variety of leaders and play a part in helping them grow. He brings an open mind to his client engagements and encourages the same in those he is coaching, shedding light on their blind spots and helping them break through limitations to achieve their goals.

As a consultant for nearly a decade, Daniel has done executive assessment, career and executive coaching, and leadership development in a broad swath of industries, including technology, beverages, tourism, finance, and biotechnology. Before this, he was the director of human resources for a start-up drone company, worked as an assessor and coach with another firm, and held multiyear teaching stints as a professor at Eastern Florida State College and the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), where he taught business classes in human resources, e-learning, organizational theory, and management.  

Daniel holds both a master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology and an MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology as well as a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. An avid traveler, he loves to explore the gritty side of his destinations and often picks up street art to commemorate his journeys. He also enjoys going to see bands play at small local venues and larger festivals.