Hilary Bonn manages the client surveys and analytics team at RHR International. She works at the intersection of technical innovation and human connection, partnering with consultants, project coordinators, and clients to ensure alignment between data collection approach, survey design, and desired outcomes.

From design to execution to final reporting, Hilary oversees all aspects of RHR’s survey capabilities. Analyzing data compiled from a variety of client surveys, she creates data visualizations that empower clients with key qualitative and quantitative insights, ultimately enabling them to identify their strengths and opportunities for growth. When she’s not designing reports and dashboards, Hilary is managing her team of survey technicians, balancing workloads, training onboarding members, and ensuring all teammates are well-versed in the tools used for analytics generation. Hilary also spearheads RHR’s client-feedback initiative, undertaking statistical analyses with client-feedback data and leveraging it in external marketing and sales campaigns.

Before joining RHR, Hilary worked in product support, implementation, and customer success at Qualtrics, an experience-management company headquartered in Provo, Utah. She then served as a project manager at Pluralsight, a company focused on the democratization of technical skills with an emphasis on analytics, visualization, storage, machine learning, and business intelligence. She received a bachelor’s degree in epidemiology (with a minor in statistics) from Brigham Young University and an MBA in business administration and management from Utah Valley University.

Collaborative and easygoing, Hilary strives every day to forge personal relationships in her work and is always ready to be approached for questions or brainstorming and mind-mapping sessions. In both her personal and professional lives, Hilary is excited about creative problem solving—outside of work you can often find her solving sudoku puzzles or playing guitar and piano. Hilary also loves staying active outside, whether that means mountain biking, running trails and marathons, hiking, or skiing.