Juleen Veneziano is RHR International’s Director of Leader Analytics and R&D. Employing a dynamic blend of analytical and psychometric capabilities, she drives custom analytics projects that empower executive leaders with insights into their strengths and opportunities for growth. Working closely with both RHR consultants and their clients, Juleen collaborates with leaders and teams in organizations ranging from multinational corporations to venture-backed startups. 

Juleen has played a critical role in building the Leader Analytics team from the ground up, enhancing RHR’s services with analytics solutions that provide clients with a unique and competitive advantage. She spearheads organizational assessments, data capture, and analytics projects, illuminating key patterns in qualitative and quantitative data to provide leaders with clear roadmaps towards better business outcomes. 

Captivated by data and the story it tells, Juleen leverages an innate sense of curiosity and a continuous drive to dig deeper to unearth those critical insights. She possesses a keen ability to connect the dots between disparate data points, unfazed by the complexities of vast data sets. For her, seeing the lightbulb go off in peoples’ minds —  whether that’s within her own team, or with her clients — is a key motivator behind her work. 

Highly resourceful, Juleen values accelerating impact for both her clients and her team members. Fundamental to her work philosophy is a holistic appreciation for people and their individualities, which she applies every day while working with both internal and external teams.

Before she joined RHR, Juleen worked as a consultant in organizational change, focusing on organizational and cultural assessments, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic communication planning. Juleen received a Ph.D. in psychology from Northern Illinois University. She holds a master’s degree in psychology from NIU, and a master of education in human resources and organizational development degree from the University of Georgia in Athens.

Off the clock, you can usually find Juleen watching football (or playing in a fantasy league herself). She also enjoys exploring new parts of the world.