Katie Stewart plays the dual role of support team manager and project coordinator at RHR International. She is responsible for the International region and Eastern region of the US. She applies her expertise to both the management of client projects and to ensuring the success of her team. As a project coordinator, Katie has helped generate successful outcomes across various areas of the business, managing projects in Senior Team Effectiveness, CEO Succession, Board Effectiveness, Executive Assessment, and more.

Katie is trusted as an impartial advisor and decision maker in the management of RHR’s client projects, flagging potential issues and risks while also creating plans for the successful launch and ongoing maintenance of key projects. This work includes planning orientation calls, scheduling consultant connections with the client, and managing project timelines. 

As a support team manager,  Katie plays a role in hiring and training new project coordinators as well as managing the current team. She makes decisions to ensure that the team is well-balanced and thoughtfully advises on training opportunities to help with individual project coordinator’s growth and development. Katie takes an empathetic and understanding approach to every piece of work she touches. She is well-known for applying her expertise to help others achieve their goals and get through any challenging times they may be facing.

Prior to joining RHR International, Katie worked in human resources. She has a bachelor of arts in art history from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Outside of work, Katie enjoys traveling, cooking, movies, and spending time with her family and friends.