As a project coordinator at RHR International, Liz Cokeing juggles multiple client engagements as she supports several of the firm’s consultants. Her work includes interfacing with clients, scheduling meetings, arranging travel, tracking project flow, and ensuring that engagements stay on track in terms of time and budget.

With a bachelor’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Minnesota, Liz welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the positive impact created through RHR’s work with clients. She enjoys learning about the challenges businesses face and the creative and effective ways those challenges can be addressed.

Before joining RHR, Liz was the program manager for a travel company, organizing international trips for students. She has also worked in tech recruiting and sales.

Outside of work, Liz enjoys travel and delving into the architecture, food, and history of different cultures as well as staying abreast of politics and current events through daily podcasts. On the lighter side, she also has an interest in skin care, cosmetics, and other fun elements of the beauty industry.