Sara Alan is a project coordinator at RHR International. With a dedicated eye for detail and quality, she collaborates with consultants to deliver meaningful programs and serves as the critical liaison between clients and consultants to ensure the smooth, successful completion of a diverse range of projects.

Deeply invested in the success of both her clients and colleagues, Sara brings kindness, integrity, and diligence to her work. She values the genuine sense of connection fostered at RHR; with her ability to forge authentic interpersonal relationships, Sara can be counted on to provide the support that allows for the successful completion of high-caliber, high-impact projects across industries.

Prior to joining RHR, Sara worked in the policy-research and social-activism spheres and contributed to a published national study while living in Colorado. She then enjoyed several years in New York City, where she developed her creative skills as a comedy performer and began working as a ghostwriter and business manager for a novelist. After returning to Colorado, she became a young-adult fiction author herself—her well-received debut novel, A Messy, Beautiful Life, was published in 2017. Sara continues honing her craft as a writing teacher with the Denver-based Lighthouse Writers Workshop.

Outside of work, Sara enjoys hiking, biking, and playing with her daughter and husband. She also loves reading a wide variety of books, good food and laughter with friends, and continuing her writing practice.