Susan Knudten is a copy editor at RHR International. In this role, she writes, polishes, and provides quality control for written materials in all forms, including client deliverables, marketing materials, and internal messaging.

With an extensive background in communications and writing, Susan brings a strategic eye for clarity and detail to ensure the substance of any document is useful for its intended audience and the copy is clean and readable. She is also adept and highly experienced at proofing the visual elements of designed pieces in addition to the content.

Before joining RHR’s staff in 2021, Susan worked with the firm for six years as a freelance copy editor and wrote hundreds of thousands of words as a content writer for clients in a variety of other industries, including travel, insurance, real estate, personal and professional services, and more. She also worked in philanthropy for 12 years as a senior communications officer.

In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree in German from Marquette University, Susan has studied Italian, French, and Spanish. She has also been a professional performer for more than 35 years—primarily acting, comedy, and voiceovers. She currently applies these abilities in her role as a scenario-based trainer and communications coach for law enforcement officers, medical students, and social workers, sharing skills to help them be more effective at their jobs and treat those they encounter with dignity and respect.

In her personal life, Susan treasures time spent with good friends as well as traveling and learning about different cultures whenever possible. She also teaches creative writing workshops for both adults and youth and makes time to volunteer regularly.