High-performing teams are the most important lever you have to powerfully impact business performance. Build high-performing senior teams that thrive in complex business environments.
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We bring data, a proven model, and interventions that work, all in the service of building the team you need to drive results.
of clients were extremely satisfied with their team development experience
of teams significantly improved their performance within one year
of teams report better alignment on shared agenda and priorities
An assessment of the team against a benchmark of high performing teams
Accelerated team alignment to drive business performance
Deeper trust and psychological safety across the team
More effective leadership from the team leader

Our Team Effectiveness Model focuses on the four critical dimensions of teamwork—the what, the how, the who, and the why. Using this model, we help eliminate obstacles to team effectiveness such as competing agendas, vague purpose, misdirected focus, and uninspired engagement. Working together with a shared vision leads to higher performance that ultimately benefits all stakeholders.


What? The Work of the Team
Aligment on goal
Shared agenda
Roles and responsibilities
Design and membership
How? Team Processes
Processes, e.g., decisions making
Energy management, e.g., physical, mental, social, and emotional
Team cadence and norms
Who? Team Dynamics
Personality styles
Shaping the culture
Cognitive styles
Psychological makeup
Behavioral patterns
Why? Team Purpose
Contribution to and impact on customers and the community
Philosophical heartbeat
Beliefs and values
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High-Performing Teams

Learn to build effective teams that drive your business forward and help achieve higher performance. RHR’s practice is focused on helping businesses embody the characteristics of high-performing teams, discover strategic long-term team development plans, and align teams with the goals of the CEO. Reach out to us today to learn more. Read more about our research in this area in this HBR article.

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