Just published! What Makes a Great Board - Research Paper

Download RHR’s newest publication, What Makes a Great Board, to learn how boards in the U.S. are taking many of the steps required to deliver good—even great—governance and where most leaders are pleased with the level of performance their boards deliver. Our new publication was produced in cooperation with Corporate Board Member and developed from a 2024 survey of U.S. public company board members conducted by Corporate Board Member and RHR International. Among the questions they answered were those related to culture and purpose, innovation, quality discussions, board leadership, board renewal, and board committee effectiveness.

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What Makes a Great Board reveals key practices that set some boards apart and help elevate their performance. For example, one compelling data point shows that 100 percent of the highest-performing boards report having high-quality discussions. In addition, 100 percent of the highest-performing boards said their board chair builds healthy board dynamics, while only 83 percent of the rest agreed.


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