What Makes a Great... Head of Talent

In this webinar, David Astorino, senior partner at RHR, facilitated an interactive panel discussion between three guests, Tapaswee Chandele of The Coca-Cola Company, Michael Ehret of Johnson & Johnson, and Karthik Varatharaj of Levi Strauss & Co. Our esteemed speakers shared their expertise, experiences, and practical strategies that can help drive excellence in this critical role.

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Questions that were covered included:

  • The increasing complexities of CEO succession in the age of CEO turnover
  • What the future holds for AI in the talent organization
  • Why many talent organizations are addressing the “frozen middle” as more and more job responsibilities are added to employees’ plates
  • Who is this ideal for?

    • Current heads of talent and aspiring leaders in the field.
    • Individuals who manage heads of talent.

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