Gap Persists Between Leaders and Employees on Office Return

August 8, 2023
A recent survey from the Conference Board found that 73% of companies are struggling to get employees back to the office. This news arrives even as various organizations continue to provide various perks including casual dress codes, flexible working hours, parties, and more. Yet, the employee pushback continues. RHR’s Senior Partner David Astorino spoke with WorkLife on the complexities of the issue. According to Astorino, employees value autonomy and coming out of the pandemic they are questioning why things have been done a certain way. Even with all the perks offered by various companies, the disconnect remains, and leaders will have to reconsider how they engage with their employees moving forward.
David Astorino is a senior partner and member of RHR International’s operating committee. For more than 20 years, he has been applying his expertise to complex client engagements, helping CEOs and boards of directors successfully drive the human side of transformational change within their organizations.