“Threat Rigidity” Impact on Leaders and Return to Work

May 29, 2023
Following the challenges brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, leaders are now navigating new complexities in the workplace. As many leadership teams look to go back to the way their organizations operated before the pandemic, their thinking around the previous ways of working may be what’s known as ‘threat rigidity’. Guy Beaudin, Senior Partner at RHR International, spoke to WorkLife News on why CEOs may be reverting back to the old ways of work and how they can address it to ensure a constructive outcome is achieved for their employees. As Beaudin shares with WorkLife, when asking employees to come back to the office, it’s important to first consider what the CEO is missing from the in-person experience and what employees gain from coming into the office. By tackling these two questions, C-suite teams can make more meaningful decisions for their organizations.
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Guy Beaudin is a senior partner at RHR International and the firm’s region lead in Canada, focusing on business development in addition to delivering expert leadership consulting to CEOs, boards of directors, and senior executive teams around the world.