Private Equity

Develop the right leadership capabilities needed to deliver on your investment thesis and protect your investment.
Across the investment life cycle, we help you stack the deck in your favor. Unlock peak performance in order to scale and grow.
years working with private equity firms
used RHR’s input in selection decisions
Align on role requirements, uncover leadership strengths and gaps, and gain insight into scalability with RHR’s assessments. Learn how to onboard new leaders and focus their development.
Help leaders build the muscles required to lead at scale with targeted executive coaching and cohort development within and between portfolio companies.
High-Performing Teams

Carry out proven interventions that strengthen team functioning and impact that’s informed by our benchmark survey that identifies gaps in performance.

Private Equity Board Effectiveness
Gain insight into how the board needs to evolve as the company enters a next phase of growth; interventions accelerate alignment and set expectations between deal partners and with management.
Operating Culture
Identify bottlenecks in scalability with our operating culture diagnostic. Targeted interventions remove obstacles to growth and enhance enablers.
Learn more about private equity
Learn more about private equity