Don’t Let Winning Hold You Back

October 26, 2022

Is there more to winning than crossing the line first?


Three-time Olympian rower and international diplomat Cath Bishop examines our obsession with winning and questions our notions of success.


Is that it? is the surprising reaction of many a medal-winning athlete. It’s an experience mirrored in the corporate world, where lasting value matters more than a moment of success. Experiences we gained along the way, moments we were tested, and relationships we built add meaning to the medal, says Cath.


Cath and Orla Leonard, a team performance specialist at RHR International, bring a sporting lens to team culture and explore how collaborative, cooperative, experimental team dynamics boost rather than diminish competitiveness.



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Orla Leonard is a senior partner in RHR International’s London office and the head of the Senior Team Effectiveness practice. She is known as an energetic, creative, and solutions-focused leader as well as a highly effective executive coach.