Our focus

At RHR, we’re committed to helping organizations build inclusive cultures that enable their employees to perform at their best, unlock their potential, and achieve their goals. We believe in authenticity, cultural fluency, and breaking down barriers that prevent talented leaders from thriving in their careers.


Our approach includes engaging in building inclusive leadership behaviors, engaging in courageous conversations, accelerating cultural fluency, and leveraging our experience and insight to design multi-phased approaches that move executives and the culture forward towards equity and belonging. We also recognize that developing diverse leaders is critical to this process and offer specialized services to support this effort.


With our philosophy based on the simple equation of Drive + Data + Support = Change, we partner with our clients to motivate and support them in making personal and systemic changes.

How can we help?

To find out how we can collaborate to build an inclusive culture in your organization, please complete the form below, and we’ll reach out to you soon. 

Our experience

RHR International is a leading management consultancy firm and organizational psychology pioneer, with over 75 years of experience helping leaders enact transformational change. Our team of business psychologists and behaviorists understands the unique challenges facing CEOs, board directors, and senior executives. Out clients trust us to undertake difficult conversations that challenge assumptions and biases, while leveraging our experience and values to build inclusive cultures and dismantle organizational obstacles. We're committed to providing personalized, data-driven solutions and unique services tailored to our clients' needs, making us large enough to deliver the expertise and resources necessary for success, yet boutique enough to maintain a focus on personalized attention.

Our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging services

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CHRO/CDO Advisory

Leading diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is hard and complicated work. We partner to ensure strategy, alignment, and objectives are working together to deliver results.

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Organizational Assessment

A good strategy and sustained results require that leaders understand the experiences of their talent. Our process gets to the heart of what employees need from their leadership.

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Inclusive Leadership

We engage with executives and enable them to move from being well-intentioned to proactive leaders who create cultures of belonging.

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Identity, Power, and Trust in Senior Teams

We help leaders design, align, and build high-performing senior teams to navigate the enterprise in complex environments.

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Development of Diverse Talent

We advise and develop diverse executives and the system around them to maximize performance, realize potential, and deliver results.

Why partner with us?

Our DI&B services cultivate personal growth—that is sometimes uncomfortable—and create insight, which underpins authentic, courageous leadership and transformational change.
Dismantling systems of inequity requires the ability to facilitate transformational change. Our humble approach combined with our deep and broad leadership expertise enables us to do exactly that.
We are committed to leading by example. Change starts at home, Focusing on building a developmental mindsets and cultural fluency within our own firm, we embody the principles we espouse and bring a higher level of authenticity and experience to every engagement.
Our approach is nonjudgmental and experiential, and it focuses on creating a safe developmental journey.

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