Our leadership development focus

Navigating through an unpredictable future and managing the complexities of today’s business environment can be a significant challenge for leaders. Having the right leadership skills is crucial to driving individual, team, and organizational performance to new heights.


RHR’s coaching and development program is designed to support leaders of today and tomorrow to enable them to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


With our dedicated approach, your leaders will have the tools and expertise needed to succeed in leading your organization towards a bright future.

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Our experience

We specialize in building high-performing individuals and teams through our humanistic approach and behavioral science expertise, leveraging our 75 years of experience and global partnerships with recognized brands. Unlike many competitors, we focus solely on leadership assessment, development, and coaching to achieve unbiased and objective results. Our team of coaches has an average of 17+ years of experience, and we coach over 700 leaders annually. We understand your business and work with you to achieve your desired outcomes through our comprehensive leadership model, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our services

Leadership Core

Leadership core is a coaching program for next-generation talent, aimed at strengthening their essential capabilities for leading at scale. The program leverages the RHR Model for Change, combining our extensive experience in coaching enterprise leaders with the latest research to ensure emerging leaders master core aspects of scaled leadership. The program is grounded in our proprietary Readiness for Scale model, covering leading business, self, and people.

Leadership Edge

Leadership Edge is designed to help leaders navigate increasingly complex and nuanced situations. Leadership Edge is offered individually or in cohort programs and is targeted at executives in enterprise roles through c-suite. Leadership edge connects coaching goals to success in role at a particular company at a certain moment in time. Leadership gaps in core capabilities are addressed when necessary.

CEO & Founder Coaching

Leadership starts at the top. The CEO role challenges even the most seasoned leaders. We have assessed and coached thousands of CEOs. RHR’s dedicated team of ceo coaches brings those networks and insights to every ceo or founder engagement.

Cohort Development

Our flagship cohort-based leadership experience, Scaling for GrowthSM, is designed to advance scalability through deep insight and sustainable behavior change, while also accelerating readiness for promotion and reducing the risk of transition. By strengthening the pipeline of talent for enterprise-critical roles, our program provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development.

Inclusive Leadership

Leadership today requires the ability to create an inclusive environment for all employees. Our inclusive leadership coaching program was designed for leaders who seek to deepen their understanding and accelerate change within organizations and teams.

Why partner with us?

We enable leaders to gain a multi-dimensional understanding of themselves, their teams, their organization, and their stakeholders.
Our coaching and development solutions are all tailored to match the specific needs and challenges faced at different levels of every organization.
We customize our coaching and development solutions to address the unique challenges of your industry and organization.
Our RHR Leadership Model (SM) assesses and develops individuals, teams, and cohorts in three key leadership areas: Leading Self, Leading People, and Leading the Business.
We facilitate honest and open conversations to help you build diverse and inclusive cultures.
We helps leaders sharpen their awareness and achieve higher levels of personal and business performance while increasing their resilience.
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