Grooming a World-Class Chief Executive: Part 1

November 6, 2019
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Grooming a World-Class Chief Executive

Who has the most critical and influential role in every institution? Most people would agree it is the CEO. Not only are the organization’s prospects impacted by the CEO’s leadership, the lives and fortunes of thousands of people, and sometimes entire communities, are affected by their decisions. For this reason, ensuring a capable successor to a sitting chief executive is one of the most important duties of a board of directors. The incumbent CEO and senior HR leaders also have key roles to play in this crucial task. But where do they start? In order to groom a world-class CEO, you must begin by defining the target.

In part one of this two-part Executive Insight, we outline the criteria that define world-class leadership performance in the chief executive position.

Paul Winum
Paul C. Winum is a Senior Partner and the Co-Head of Board & CEO Services at RHR International. He also plays a vital role in supporting consultants in the field and working directly with clients, as well as continuously spearheading new research in governance, board evaluations, and C-suite succession planning.
Deborah Rubin
Deborah Rubin is a Senior Partner and Head of RHR International’s Board & CEO Services offering. She specializes in CEO succession, senior executive and senior team development, and managing and implementing organizational change.