Enhancing Senior Leadership Decision-Making

North American Professional Sports and Commercial Real Estate Company
Years of working in silos was significantly impacting the senior leadership team’s ability to make strategic decisions that positively supported the business across all areas, both short and long term.
A much-loved North American professional sports and commercial real estate company, the client was defined by a team of senior leaders who made lifelong careers with the company. After a series of internal transformations as an organization, it became clear that the senior leadership team had fallen into the trap of working in silos, with poor communication across business units.

The client needed a way to help senior leaders see across the organization and perceive all factors that may impact the business, both in the long term and the short term. Furthermore, they wanted to support the senior leadership team in making strategic decisions, even without all the right information. A final objective was to gain accurate data insights to support the client’s ongoing leadership planning.
Executive Bench® specializes in assessing and enhancing the performance of senior leadership both as individuals and as a team.
Assessment: Using the Readiness for ScaleSM (RFS) simulation, RHR International identified the core capabilities of each member of the senior leadership team and measured precisely how they could overcome their collaboration challenges and take on more responsibility in making strategic business decisions.

Data: The client placed particular emphasis on using data to verify their insights into leadership. They received a deep and holistic understanding of their talent through the data gathered in the assessment phase.

Development: Cohort-based learning was used via the Scaling for GrowthSM program to advance the senior team’s scalability, accelerate strategic decision-making, and strengthen the pipeline of enterprise-critical roles. This included inclusive leadership and psychological safety, shaping culture, trust and stakeholder management, and decision-making bias mapping.
The client was able to build and implement a strategic leadership plan grounded in objective data insights. The development and coaching opportunities given to the leaders resulted in tangible growth and enhanced collaboration as an organization.
Collaboration improved across the organization, with deeper relationships grounded in genuine understanding being built across the leadership team.

“Many of our leaders had not experienced this level of development before.”

During the project, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. RHR pivoted and reacted quickly with flexibility to ensure that the senior teams had what they needed to handle the new requirements from them as leaders in a time of crisis.

At a higher level, the client was able to understand how individual senior leaders fit into the organization and how their talent could best be leveraged. This involved identifying certain individuals who were ready to scale as leaders and take on more, which would reveal their true potential.

The Executive Bench team’s scalable assessment of the group was used to quantify the feelings and intuitions that the client had about the senior leadership team. This data ensures that the client will continue to make informed talent decisions now and in the future by using the objective insights and crucial information displayed in the Succession InsightsSM portal.

“Our people love the program. I was thrilled to be able to work with the RHR team.”
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