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Get exclusive insights into effective 21st-century leadership from prominent global leaders representing Ralph Lauren, Ford, UPS, and others.


In a world grappling with unparalleled challenges, including the enduring global pandemic, military tensions, supply chain disruptions, climate crises, economic instability, and social justice concerns, the importance of effective leadership has reached new heights.


Written by Paul Winum, partner and co-head of RHR International’s Board and CEO Services, with exclusive contributions from current and former Fortune 500 leaders, The Leadership We Need Now reflects RHR’s decades of experience in leadership consulting and offers you compelling perspectives and valuable insights from leaders actively making a difference in their respective fields. The Leadership We Need Now is a unique opportunity to gain wisdom from a remarkable array of leaders who continue to shape the future.


The book takes you on a journey through six key leadership imperatives:


  • Other-centered purpose
  • Learning from others
  • Communicating compelling vision
  • Leading collaboratively
  • Adapting with agility
  • Demonstrating honesty

The Leadership We Need Now speaks powerfully to CEOs, C-Suite members, and emerging leaders who want to learn the qualities that leaders at all levels must develop to face today’s challenges.

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