In Generalists We Trust

March 28, 2020
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RHR International’s Paul C. Winum, Senior Partner, Practice Leader Co-Head, Board & CEO Services, was quoted in the Corporate Board Member magazine article, “In Generalists We Trust.” Paul explains the benefits of boards hiring a generalist due to their ability to see the multidimensionality of the business.

“Specialists brought on to the board for one specific purpose typically can’t contribute much on the other areas of risk that the board is tasked with overseeing, and their presence can also inhibit dialogue on critical topics, says Paul Winum, co-head of board & CEO services for RHR International. “When something comes up in the boardroom that relates to that particular topic area, everyone kind of defers to the resident expert on the board, as opposed to a whole group process of everyone being engaged on topics that are important to the governance of the organization.””

Paul Winum
Paul C. Winum is a Senior Partner and the Co-Head of Board & CEO Services at RHR International. He also plays a vital role in supporting consultants in the field and working directly with clients, as well as continuously spearheading new research in governance, board evaluations, and C-suite succession planning.