The COVID-19 crisis has opened opportunities for internal hiring and talent development

February 1, 2021
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Has COVID-19 triggered opportunities for internal hiring and talent development in your organization? RHR’s Guy Beaudin, Grant Levitan, and Jeff Rahman are featured in today’s Globe and Mail article which discusses how new leaders have emerged and future leaders have been identified as a result of the crisis.

Stephan Ledain expertly fuels RHR with ongoing momentum, as well as a good dose of disruption, in the firm’s journey towards the future of leadership development.
Guy Beaudin is a senior partner at RHR International and the firm’s region lead in Canada, focusing on business development in addition to delivering expert leadership consulting to CEOs, boards of directors, and senior executive teams around the world.
Grant W. Levitan is a Senior Partner based in Chicago. His work facilitates organic and authentic growth in leaders, enabling them to achieve new levels of performance and personal effectiveness.