The End of Faking It in Silicon Valley

April 15, 2023

Not only has funding dried up for start-ups over the last year, but a number of high-profile failures have caused investors to scrutinize claims of financial success more closely. Recent examples of unethical behaviour amongst founders have left VC firms questioning their processes for assessing them, says Eden Abrahams, partner at RHR International and leader of the Hypergrowth practice. Increasingly, investors are seeking advice on how to identify whether a business has the right leadership at the helm.

Eden spoke to The New York Times about the steps organizations can take to tighten up the protocols around how they’re assessing founders.

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Eden Abrahams is a partner at RHR International and leads the firm’s Hypergrowth practice area, a unique support system designed to equip founders and their teams with the insights and tools they need to lead at scale.